Production Data

Over the years I have collected information on all and any Sprint I come across. This has allowed me to build a database of the information I have been able to glean on each of these cars. Ideally I need the information that comes on the car’s VIN, that is, the entire vehicle number, the engine number and the colour code. In this way I hope to supplement the information held by the factory so that future owners can see how their car left the factory. In addition to the VIN, each car had a Works Order sheet as it was built at the factory, an example of which is here. Each car was also recorded in the Sales Book, an example of a page is here. Then each car had an invoice. Cars leaving the factory in component (kit) form had two invoices, one for the engine and another for the body.
I maintain a spreadsheet containing information on each Sprint made, in an effort to replicate the now lost full original Lotus records. For each car the following is recorded: year of manufacture, month of manufacture, batch number if applicable, unit number, vehicle type, original colour code, engine type, engine number, date of first registration (and build and invoice dates where I have them) and any pertinent notes. I do not have all the information for all the cars. I do have as much information as Lotus have been able to provide regarding colour and engine numbers. This is a record of originality, not of ownership or current state of the car. I will continue to keep my other data, which does include more up to date information on existing cars, as well as older cars which have disappeared in whatever way.
I would very much welcome any additional information anyone may have on either their existing cars or on previously owned cars, as my aim would be to eventually have a register as full as possible of all Sprints.
Please see a precis of the full list HERE. It is a sad fact that some cars are passed off as something they are not. I am keen that no such misrepresentation should warp the history of these iconic sports cars.


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